Risk Consideration

Risk Consideration

Market riskg

The Fund invests in debt securities or debt-related securities, and these can rise or fall due to factors such as the fluctuation of global bond markets and interest rates. with concentrating investment in such sector. More specially, investment in specific sector of the economy may lead to adverse consequences when such sector becomes less valued.

Emerging markets risk

Investing in emerging markets carries a higher risk (e.g. larger price fluctuations) than a developed market. Some of the investments may be subject to low liquidity, making them hard to buy or sell at short notice.

Credit risk

Issuers of bonds or other debt securities may default on their obligations to pay back the principal or interest payments. Changes in economic and political environments and the financial condition of issuers may lead to a credit ratings downgrade, affecting the value of investments held by the Fund.

Foreign exchange risk

The Sub-Fund may hold securities denominated in a currency other than the base currency. Changes in foreign currency exchange rates will affect the value of securities held in the Sub-Fund or value of shares held by the shareholders respectively. A depreciation of the denomination currency will lead to depreciation in the exchange value of the securities. Shareholders investing in the Sub-Fund other than in its base currency should be aware that exchange rate fluctuations could cause the value of their investment to diminish.

Foreign investment risk

Some countries in the Asia ex-Japan region may prohibit or impose restrictions on investments by foreign investors and such restrictions may change from time to time.

Operational risk

The inability to make timely security purchases or disposals due to administrative/settlement problems may result in missed potential gains or undesirable losses to the Fun

Regional risk

The Fund invests mainly in countries of the Asia ex-Japan region and tends to be more volatile than global funds.