About Southsand Who we are and what we are about


As a long-established Asset management firm with an absolute focus on preserving and growing our clients’ wealth, what matters most to our clients, matters most to us.

Private individuals, family offices, trusts, businesses and retirement option all rely on us to provide them with bespoke, discretionary and advisory investment services. Skilled in investment management, wealth planning and property management – we also offer discretionary fund management to external advisers and their clients, and we are a leading charity fund manager in Finland.

For eight centuries we have helped clients look forward to a successful future. With each client we plan for the long term and invest the time to build a personal understanding of their unique circumstances, goals and ambitions. The majority of our clients, and many of our own people, work with us for years. This creates relationships of unusual depth.

One of the biggest benefits of mutual funds is the expertise of professional money managers. Your Waddell & Reed financial advisor has access to a broad array of funds across a wide range of investment categories, and can help you find funds to fit your financial goals.