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Investment Capability

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SOUTHSAND Asset Management’s Global All-Country Equity strategy seeks to provide institutional clients with the opportunity to capture long-term capital appreciation by focusing mainly on global equities, including a dedicated allocation to emerging markets.

Fixed Income

We believe the key to superior long-term returns in the fixed income market is compounding current income and avoiding principal loss through fundamental credit analysis and macroeconomic research. At the heart of our investment approach lies a robust, repeatable, global investment process, focused on the monitoring of risks. We understand credit, interest rate and market risk and, where possible, manage against these risks in an effort to deliver consistent performance to our clients.

Multi Asset

Issuers of bonds or other debt securities may default on their obligations to pay back the principal or interest payments. Changes in economic and political environments and the financial condition of issuers may lead to a credit ratings downgrade, affecting the value of investments held by the Fund.

Structured Finance

We originate opportunities across the non-traditional credit spectrum to provide clients with opportunities for sourcing, diversification and spread pick up. We are focused on delivering performance, through stand-alone and multi-strategy investments that provide access to the majority of the Fixed Income spectrum. With a strong, conviction-led approach to both credit selection and portfolio construction, our stable and experienced team can offer tailored investment solutions for each asset class and client typology, while our agile approach helps us in our efforts to adapt as quickly as possible to the risk and return needs of our clients.

Responsible Investment

Responsible Investing (RI) enables clients to align their investments with global megatrends that are changing the investment landscape. Issues such as increasing regulation, the growing need for risk mitigation and a heightened social conscience can be more effectively addressed by integrating Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors into the investment process.


Our alternatives capabilities benefit from what we think is the best of both worlds: the resources and reach of a global investment manager and the agility and entrepreneurial spirit of an alternatives boutique. Our private ownership model, robust infrastructure, and long-term mind-set help us attract and retain talented alternatives investment professionals. We combine their skill with robust risk-management tools to help us deliver solutions to the complex challenges our clients face today.