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Still pioneering for investors.

More than 20 years ago we set out to offer investors a new kind of investment. One with long-term horizons offering sustainable, predictable returns and low correlation to traditional asset classes: infrastructure. Today we have an unrivalled track record in infrastructure asset management. We take a responsible, long-term approach to building sustainable value throughout the investment cycle by investing wisely, managing with discipline and selling at the right time.

Positive, long term investment characteristics

Infrastructure businesses such as transportation, water and energy utilities and waste management usually provide an essential service, typically involve widespread usage, and are relied upon by the community in which they operate. They are often difficult to replace or replicate due to size, scale or location which creates a natural barrier to new market entrants. In many cases this means they operate under regulatory or long-term contractual frameworks designed to protect consumers while ensuring ongoing investment and service quality. These frameworks often set prices and revenue through links to inflation or capital expenditure. In addition, these businesses are generally underpinned by a stable operating cost base. As a result of these characteristics, infrastructure tends to deliver sustainable and predictable cashflows over the long-term, providing long-term yield, lower risk and defensive investment characteristics.