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Did you know?

SOUTHSAND provides cash loans to our customers all over the world. With a short online application form and all circumstances considered, our loans make borrowing and repaying cash simple and straightforward. Find out if you could qualify with a quick call or apply online. Either way, you'll get a decision in principle on your loan application within minutes. Soothsand offers personal home collection loans of up to £50,000. So if you are looking for some extra money for home repairs, fixing your car or other unexpected expenses southsand could be able to help. We are a responsible lender who will only lend what you can afford to repay to avoid unnecessary debt.

Straightforward application and service

Even if you have bad credit like mortgage arrears or CCJs, every application will be considered.* Once your loan application is accepted in principle you will receive a call from a member of your local southsand team – we aim to contact you within a few days. They'll arrange for an agent to call round to finalise your loan and complete affordability checks, we do these every time – whether you’re applying for £50,000 or £1,000,000. New customers are eligible for up to £100,000 while existing customers may be able to borrow more.