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Growing demand, tight supply

Demand for food is growing. This is driven by global population growth, supported by increased urbanisation and household incomes in emerging markets. Meanwhile biofuel usage is becoming mainstream in developed markets, boosted by the renewable energy policies of many Governments. This increasing demand is finely balanced against a finite supply of arable land.

Investing in Agriculture Expertise, diversity, scale

With a twenty year track record in the agriculture markets and access to southsand’s market leading agricultural commodities research, we deeply understand the sector. We own and operate agricultural businesses and develop farmland via funds and separate accounts managing over $2 billion for investors. This farmland totals over 4.5 million hectares in Russia and Brazil producing red meat, grains and oil seeds, making us one of the largest asset management company in agriculture..

Expert management, disciplined portfolio construction

The southsand Agriculture team uniquely combines farming expertise, investment management discipline and market knowledge. Creating and managing our funds over more than 20 years, the team selectively acquire and actively manage these vast assets to create portfolios and businesses of scale and diversity. They take into account countries, climactic regions, commodity type and target markets - the keys to managing inherent risks in land ownership and commodity production.

On-farm management, astute capital allocation

The investment management team is complemented by experienced farm management located at each property with deep knowledge of their crops and livestock, their weather conditions and their markets. Together, the whole team seek to maximise performance at farm level by directing capital toward innovations that improve quality and yield to drive maximum value.